Race Image Firesuit Customer Testimonials

From: gordon forbes
Sent: 7/21/20 9:11 PM
To[email protected]
Subject: Heroes
If I'm ever involved in a fire on the racetrack those that are ready to come to my rescue are heroes. We all recognize heroes for their actions or their willingness to act for our safety. That got me thinking. The guy who makes it possible for me to afford a top of the line NASCAR Simpson fire suit is no less a hero than the guy who is willing to ride the safety truck towards a burning car. I'll even say that in those moments before help arrives the person who has enabled me to wear a SFI FIVE!!!!! Nomex firesuit will at that moment be the most important person in my life. If I'm ever in a fire I will already be wearing a top quality firesuit purchased thru RaceImage; that makes you, Mr. Phillips,the first responder who will have arrived first ahead of all other first responders. I cannot thank you enough for the service you provide. 
Attached is a photo from a few years ago taken after my very first race. I had the choice to buy a set of new tires or one of your firesuits. The tires would long ago be in a landfill, that firesuit is worn every time I drive a race car or my hpde track car. Every lap, every time.

This is what makes it all worthwhile to us! Thanks Gordon!
Hey Dave,
Everything got here today and looks great!
Thank you so much!
Kindest regards,
Jim Blankenbaker

Sent from my iPhone My husband BILLY Barstow just received the Smithfield blue racing suit he ordered from you. It is beautiful. he loves it thank you so much. Hopefully we will be racing dirt soon when all of this COVID-19 is passed. Thank you again and stay well.


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I received my suit today and am very pleased with the quality, looks and fit. I will continue to peruse your sight routinely looking for another “just right” product.
Thanks for the service you provide.
William Traylor

Thanks heaps.

Suits fit everyone really well. 
We’re racing our piece of junk in 24 hours of LeMONS for next couple of days. Regards


The suit looks great.  It is a hair shorter than I would like, but it is completely workable.  Thank you so much.  My friend Andrew Zimmerman let me know about your shop.

 Hello Dave

I just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with my order. Thanks for great service 
Gordon Bone

Just received the suit. I love it. It's a perfect fit. Thank you so much. 

Just wanted to let you know I got my suit today, and I LOVE IT.  Fits like a glove.

 Thank you again!


Just received the suit. I love it. It's a perfect fit. Thank you so much

It’s so light! When I got the box I was like “it can’t be. Hahah. Thanks again. Can’t wait to drive in it. 

Hi Dave,

 I received the suit today and just wanted to let you know this is a great deal.  Suit fits great following your measuring instructions!  I need another suit soon, and I am definitely looking at your site several times a week to find the next one.  I have told several others about this as well.



Hey Dave,

I got the suit ok, and its great! Thanks so much, and as usual im gonna pass your name onto my buds!

Thanks again,




My name is Brandon Byars i drive an IMCA Modified at the 281 Speedway in texas.My mom and dad wanted to buy me a new fire suit this year so i went looking on the internet.I found u guys by putting in the search engine ( used nascar fire suits ) .They purchased a black simpson fire suit that was listed as new. I just wanted to say that we received it today and although it said new i was expecting it to be "like new" I must say this suit is most definately NEW. I was trying to find this exact suit in other areas and as u said it cost 799 -I found only one for that price and it was on sale. We are more than happy with this purchase and will be looking for other items on your site as we get closer to opening night. 

Thanks for the prompt shipping and the more than fair price U guys are A1 to do business with as far as we are concerned. Its not often these days when u can buuy something on internet and get more than u pay for  

                         Thanks again. 

P.S. I will most definatly put a sticker on my car and trailer that promotes ur site -- I was expecting to get one with the order so if u have such items then feel free to ship us a couple they will not go to waste.

              Thanks Again

                Brandon Byars



Dear Mr. Phillips, 

Just got the Grainger suit, and was very pleased with it.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and will highly recommend you to other people that ask about it.


Russ Wade



I got the suit and to tell you the truth it fit perfectly.  Originally I
thought I'd have to tailor it to cut the chest size down to a 38 but I guess
I don't have to.  Keep me posted if you get any more Evernham crew
memorabilia and thank you very much for making this purchase possible.



    Just wanted to tell you I got my TrimSpa suit today. It fits GREAT!! Thank you so much. And to clarify what you asked my wife, no I didn't want this suit because of the TrimSpa scandal or because of Anna Nicole. It is the right size and the right colors to match my car. Actually, I forgot about the scandal and the blonde until my wife mentioned it. Thanks again for everything and I'll tell my racing buddies about you guys.                                                              Joe Marchbanks


Hi Dave,
Just a quick note to let you know that I received the firesuit yesterday. It's awesome! Thanks so much for everything. I can't wait till you get some new style shirts again.


(Australia) Hello there Dave, 

The suits arrived yesterday... 

I replied to your e mail and then went to work on my car, checking the mail and they had arrived. 

We are very happy and thank you very much. 

Byrons fitted him perfectly and he looks a million dollars. 

I will have to take a little out of the legs and arms out of mine. I put it on and there is plenty of room everywhere.It was fantastic !!

We couldnt get over how large a human Grubb is !!! We talked about it for hours and thought he would be called

"Sir Grubb" 

We are both very impressed with the suits and their quality and condition. I do not mind the slightest that I

have to tailor mine a little in the arms and legs. The legs is very simple, the arms are a littel trickier but a breeze as well. 

The interest my suit will generate will be amazing !!!!! There were a number of race guys there when we tried them on and you could see they all wanted

one (laugh) One bloke was going home to scour your site to find one. 

I suggested when he does that he goes through me as it might be easier. 

Thank you again and I will send you photos of both of us in the suits and my car. 

A thousand thank you's you have made our day... 


Kelly Hunt



I just received the Kasey Kahne crew firesuit. It is outstanding to say the least. I left you feedback. Thank you very much, Delbert



I received the Jeff Burton driver suit today. W0W! love it. Thanks and I
have an idea I will be back for more.
Take care and hope to do business in the future.



hey Dave, 

My name is Terry Tabor, I just wanted to thank you for what your are doing.  I ordered one of Kvapil Line X crew suits from you sometime back, not only perfect fit, comfortable, not to mention alot safer that the single layer proban suit I was using, but because of the graphics it helped me land a sponsorship from our local Line X franchise.  Also local Dupont reps( working w/ Line X) have seen the DuPont logos on the suit and are also working on a deal with them as well.  All in all that suit has helped our race team more than you know, thanks again, and if we ever need a new suit we will be calling on ya 

Terry "Bear" Tabor

#80 IMCA Southern Sportmod



Hi David   Just wanted to let you know  my suit arrived on time and fits perfect.  Slight rip as you described was very easy to fix... 

Why did i forget to buy a helmet......oh well to late now  I leave for NY on Monday. 

Thanks for you're great Work 

Jeffory A Kaiser



Dave thank you soooo much for my firesuit. The condition was even better than described and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The fit was as if it was made for me. Thanks again. 


Michael Maduske



David. I want to thank you very much for going above and beyond to get All my suits to me in time.Dr.Tooth is a real friend to set us up with a SUPER person to deal with. Thanks again. BILL HARTWIG[HARTWIG MOTORSPORTS] pictures will follow later..



(England) Dave 

Race suits are fantastic, couldn't be happier. 

Many thanks for all your help, we will be ordering from you again soon. 

Nice to do business with someone who provides exactly what he say's he is going too. 

Kind regards 




Just wanted to say thanks. The suit arrived Friday and it is awesome!




Thank you so much send me the driving suit from your website.

It's like it was made for me... I sure am glad you had the courtesy and forethought to have me ensure my measurements were accurate on the phone when I first called you.

I will be using the suit as my driving suit in a Legends car. We race mostly at Sunny South Raceway in South Alabama.

I am sporting a Mountain Dew paint scheme on the car, and the NAVY suit will go right along with the NAVY sponsorship on the JR Motorsports cars. 

Thank you again for providing a great product, at a reasonable price, and delivered in a timely manner. 

Rest assured I will be talking you up every chance I get! 

Kindest regards, 

Lonnie Mixon

Mobile Alabama




Thanks for the firesuit. It fits great and looks awesome in victory
Matt Merrill



On June 20th i won my first featureevent in 11 years i have been racing. I bought the scotts Mark Martin suit from raceimage. I have got a lot of compliments on the suit. Thanks raceimage i have refered alot of people to your website.



I would like to thank Dave personally for the service he provides. A few weeks ago I was running my main event in my Limited Dirt Modified (IMCA Southern Sportmod to most) and the sending unit for my oil pressure guage started leaking. I had 260 + degree engine oil leaking all over my legs and feet. Thanks to the awesome Suit I got from Dave @ RACEIMAGE.com I felt the heat from the oil before it soaked thru enough and had time enough to get off the track and out of the car before I was burned at all. After getting into the ambulance and having the EMT inspect my legs for burns, it was amazing, no burns what so ever! It was great and the EMT even stated you are very lucky. Luck might've been on my side but, if I was still wearing my single layer proban suit, no amount of luck would've helped me.
Not 2 weeks later at our Nationals event, I was involoved in my worst wreck ever, on lap 21 out of 50 in the A main of the Limited Modified Nationals "Battle on the Border" in McAllen, Tx. Going into turn 1 a car up high got spun and came down the track, I was on the bottom line and I turned up to avoid, well I had some very fast cars behind me and they could not see what was going on. Long Story short, I got hit and flipped onto my lid ending my night. While upside down the brakes caught fire, but was quickly put out and gladly cause the fuel cell was leaking some fuel, could've been very bad, but if it did I was prepared.
My one piece of advice to my fellow racers is, expect the worst, hope for the best, but prepare for everything, cause especially in my case, it's not if you'll be in a crash, it's when. Also it better to have and not need, than NEED AND NOT HAVE. Dave and his suits have been a great addition to our team, so much I purchased a 2 piece suit over a year ago, not happy with the 2 piece design (my own personal preference is a 1 piece but thought i'd try a 2 piece for the hell of it) that I purchased another suit this time a 1 piece, and now that my brother is racing, we came back to the only place I will ever buy another racing suit from again RACEIMAGE.com
Thanks Dave for everything you do for the Budget Saturday Night Racer to keep us safe, giving us the best equipment available without breaking the Bank
Thanks Again Dave
Terry "BEAR" Tabor #80
IMCA Southern Sportmod
McAllen, Tx


I would like to thank you for the Subway fire suit that you sent to me in Grande Prairie Alberta Canada. It arrived in 6 days, with no brokerage fees and no taxes added. The suit is very nice and will work well with my main sponsor on my drag car.

Thanks again

Barry Chorney

Grande Prairie AB Canada.

Hey David,

I got the Zaxby’s firesuit yesterday. Amazing! You were right the embroidery is amazing on it. Fits like a charm and wears well. Thank you for taking the time to make sure we got right fit suit for me. It is exactly as described and of excellent quality. I will definetly recommend you and Race Image.com to anyone. Thank you again for the great deal and great item.


Chris Funderburk

 Hi Dave.. First and formost I want to tell you that I am totally satified with my recent purchase of the JJ Yelley Sparco driver suit. It is in excellent condition and fits perfect. I will be sure to send you a picture or two in the near future.. I have shared your info and website with several of my felow racers and two for sure have been seriously looking to buy as well.. This deal you have going is a "no brainer" for us guys that want a top of the line suit for such a minumel price.
I do have one request from you if at all possible.. It was easy to see in some of the photos that the suits came with belts.. Mine did not and I was hoping it would.. If you would be so kind to send me one when you have an extra it would be greatly appreiciated..

Again! Thanks and I look forward to wearing my new [slightly used] suit this Summer..

Dyno Don Swearingen

Just got my firesuit today.....I am a very happy customer.

My suit came in yesterday. I very happy with it. Thank you so much for spending time on the phone with me so i could get the right size. This will not be the last suit i buy from you. Thank you and have a great day.

Hey Dave,

I just received my new suit and it fits awesome!!! I cant wait for the first race to show it off. I will hope to send you some more business. Thanks again Marcus Cox

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I received the fire suit today. It is a perfect fit and I am very happy with my purchase.
Enjoyed placing the order with you too! It's not everyday you meet someone on the phone that you end up enjoying giving your hard earned money to. You are "evil" you know!
Once again, I enjoyed getting to know you, and will strongly refer all those here in deep South Texas to raceimage.com and Mr. David Phillips
Take care, and hope to buy something from you again soon!
David Marroquin
Valley Powder Coat
Donna, Texas 78537


Thanks for such a great suit. I love it! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks again!

Billy Prickett

I got the Fire suit today!! looks awesome and fits perfect. I was scared of your 10% rule at first, but, man this suit fits PERFECT!! I'll have it on in Friday's race at the Iowa Speedway.
Thanks again.
Charles 'Chaz' Allen


THANK YOU!!!! What a GREAT firesuit top. I can't believe it and it looks like brand new, right out of the hauler on race day. My Wife loves it as do I. This is by far the best addition to my collect yet, and all my firesuits came from you, you out did yourself this time. AND, thanks for the fast shipping, it came dry and in tact.

I'll keep in touch from time to time to say hi. Take care and keep up the good work with the teams!

All the best,


CSC(SS) Leroy J. Vogrich Jr


I received my suit yesterday. It fits good, looks good, and has the SFI patch on the sleeve where the officials can clearly see it.

My son & I compete in the 24 Hours of Lemons races at Kershaw and we will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for driving suits.


We drove in the spring race and didn’t do so well hope to do better in the fall race. When we get the car ready I’ll send you an updated picture of the car with me and my son in our RaceImage suits for your web page.

Thanks again and thanks for your support of the troops.

Phillip McKinney

Hi David,
just a quick note to say that I finally got the race suits today... I think that I must have struck NZ customs on one of their bad weeks! hahahaha

anyway I just wanted to say that they arrived here and I'm absolutely over the moon with them! fantastic

thanks for all your help and I look forward to dealing again soon


Antony Gray

Northcote Point
New Zealand


The suit arrived today. I just want to let you know that it fits perfectly - as do the gloves, and I am 110% satisfied with my order. Thanks again,

Lane Adams

Thank you so much for the great experience with ordering my suit. Your
great personality and friendly attitude made it an easy choice to buy
from you. My son still needs to get a suit and I was wondering if you
would like to do a sponsorship with him and his suit? I can provide
you with your name and logo on the car, a framed picture of the car,
and written/verbal statement about your company plus anything you
could think of to promote your company.
Please let me know what you think.

Thanks much

Ben Fisher

Hi Dave:

I have just received the suit.
Thanks very much for your fast shipment.
The suit fits me PERFECT!! it's like made for me.
Thanks very much again.
Best regards.

I just receved my suit, SUPER!!!! well done.
Thks for your delivery I'm happy with it.
kind regards
Elsienus J. Arp
E&E Racing

I received the driving suit yesterday and it fits me perfectly! Thanks for your help. I'll be sure to send you a pic soon displaying my suit from the winners circle so you can add it to the site. Thanks again!


Thanks, fella.

I have enclosed a photo of myself on"victory lane" at the first meeting of the season, with race image overalls on!!.
Do we get a pair of gloves with this pair as well?

Many thanks,


Hi David,just letting you know the suit and shoes arrived at my house today.Tried them on and they are a perfect fit,can't wait for the racing season to start so I can show off my new suit and shoes.I'll definately mention your name and company(website) around the race tracks in my area.Thanks again for all your help in making my purchase a good one.....Ken 

Thank you. I won again friday night and thought you might want this for your own personal file. Race image suit in the Savannah Ga newspaper. Thanks again


Dave, I just wanted to let you know that my brother and I are spreading the word here at the track about your website. Everyone loved chris's stanley tools firesuit and were all asking where we got it from. We handed out all your cards and after my brother won his heat race on friday @ Brewerton speedway he Got interviewed and he gave your website a very nice plug. Here is the link to the audio file for the interview. http://www.dougsdirtdiary.com/audioplayer.php?id=9916

Talk to you later,
Rob Hile

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to let you know the firesuit showed up today. Looks great as always. I really appreciate you getting it to me so fast. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Thanks again. Take care...

Hi Dave;

Got the suit today, beautiful just like you said.
Fits my driver like a glove and he is very happy and surprised.
Very cool.
I will send you a picture of the car when it is done and on the track, soon.

Brad Perry

Thanks Dave for the great suit! You be sure that I will be a returning customer!
Thanks again
Jeffrey Jones

I purchased this suit to use during the 2010 season. I race at the famed Oswego Speedway in Oswego, NY were the track is celebrating it's 60th season. My first ever win was on July 17,2010.
Thanks, Barry Kingsley

The race suit I just got is AWESOME! Fits exactly as advertised. Looks and feels great. Makes me feel like a real racer ready to go for the ChumpCar race in two weeks!!

Please send me some more of your business cards. I am sure people are going to ask me where I got it and I want to be able to steer people your way. I already posted it on Facebook and I am getting tons of questions!

Please also send me two raceimage stickers if you have any and I will put them on my car.

Robert Bendetti

Hello David
> I allows me to send to you this mail to you that firesuits ordered are indeed coming. I'm very satisfied with their quality and your service. I'm intersted by the other item.
> Still thank you
> Cordially, Eric Jawurek (France)

Dave, I got the suit and it fits great. Thanks for taking care of me.


Thank you Dave, it's always nice to deal with a Quality Company and yours is one of the best.

Brad Perry


I received my suit and it is a PERFECT FIT! It is as if it was tailored exactly to my measurements. Thank you very much! I am very pleased!


Dear Race Image,

Got it! Thank you very much for an awesome suit!

Hope to do some additional business in the future.

God Bless,


Hello Dave ,

Hope you and your family have had a good Christmas and New Year

The suits that you sent directly to me have arrived and everything is sweet. Thanks for your efforts


K e l l y H u n t

Worker Assistance Coordinator.

North West Tasmania

Hi Dave, Thank You for the awesome shirts! :-). They looked totally different in person than from the online pics. Keep the business going strong and I got some buddies here in my area who might give you a call in the future. Thanks again :-)

Travis W. Pearsall

LAUGH !!!!!

Yeah I was pulling out the suits one by one and every now and then I would have a lug nut fall out.

After the second one I was calling out “ Lug Nut !” when they popped out.

My mate was like ???? What the hell ??? as over here they are called “wheel nuts”

When I finished I said Wicked !!! at least I have a set for one wheel !!!

I was thinking it may have been your son snuck em in…

I told my daughter that he sent em over for her and now she has em in her toy box !?!?!?!

She has just turned 6 and is telling people they are from her friend in America !?!?! (laugh)

Thanks again and if you look to be getting anything new in let me know


Kelly Hunt

Suit fits like a dream.

Hi Dave;

Received my Paul Wolfe Country Crock race suit on Thursday January
20. A nice piece! I just have to take the bottom cuffs up 1 inch.
Fits good every where else. This suit will keep me slim and eating
healthy for along time. I'll look good all season long. It is a lot
lighter than my older Simpson quilted mid 90's Ron Hornaday Jr suit.
Just one question. There is no washing instructions inside this
suit. Can you let me know how I should clean this piece? Thanks
again, and I will pass on your Race Image products to my fellow
friends and racers.

Kind Regards, Gord "The Asphalt Cowboy" Wheeler

Duncan, B.C. CANADA

Dave, I received the Burton and Nemechek uniforms and the Crocker shoes today. Everything looks great, thanks for the fast ship. Look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

John S McClellan

Hey Dave,

I received the firesuit today and it is perfect! Thanks so much for having it available and the great service.


Hi Dave,
I received my order last night, and the suit and helmet fit very well. The socks are a few sizes too small, but they'll do. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for all your help with picking out the right gear. You provide an excellent service to the budget racing community, and I would gladly recommend you to anyone needing racing gear.
If you come up with any stickers in the future, be sure to send a couple and I'll get them on the car.
Now I just have to wait 2 more months, until the Chump Car race at Iowa Speedway on 4/30.
Thanks ahain,
Pete Murfey

Hi David,

Just to let you know the suit arrive today and is Fantastic.

Size is spot on.

I’m 83kg and 5’11 and is fits like it was tailored.

Many thanks,


Hi Dave,

Fire suit arrived yesterday 29/11/2011 via USPS. Thank you, it’s exactly what we had expected and fits perfectly. Looking forward to doing more business in the future. Thanks again.

Christine Bates,

Brisbane Australia

Thanks Dave...... for all you do! You guys sell fantastic products and give incredible customer service.

All the best,
John DeStefano

Hi Dave, picture is me, Tony Brearley after winning Australian Litre
Sprintcar National Title at Sydney Speedway last month wearing ex Kasey
Kahne suit purchased from Race Image, great suit, thanks again, the Simpson
boots I'm interested in are black 8.5 in size, part no 17101, are they SFI
3.3/5?, if not, you have others that may be OK, talk soon, Tony

I just received this suit last night that I purchased from you last week. It fits perfectly.

Thanks for making these types of top-of-the-line products available to us cheap skates!

Hello, David.

Well, that suit I bought from you in March was surely a hit at Buttonwillow. I got a few questions… and I told them about raceimage.com J ….a few times I was even called “Danica” -- with a smile ;)

School went well & I am now a Novice with my first race done. What a different experience than time trials/track days, and I love it! …also had my first contact experience during the school. See more (there’s video) from my blog, link in my signature. I even included a mention for you & website link ;)

However, I didn’t have any cards with me to give to people even tho you enclosed a couple with my order. I am at the Long Beach Grand Prix next weekend – no, not as a driver (yet), but working for SCCA. The region does all the flagging & I am working at the booth to promote what we love in return for credentials.

Anyway if you get this before you come back from your time off, send me a few more cards for the LBGP next weekend (I’m working it Friday & Saturday, then have a local autocross on Sunday.) Feel free to call on my cell, below, too. Love to help you increase exposure for your business on the West Coast. I’m thinking I’ll wear the suit while I work the booth – haha.

Best regards & thanks!

Karen L. Zaterman

Thanks for the fire suit. Here are some pics of it in action. Feel free to use on your Web site or other marketing materials. And here's a quote for you.... "As a driver on the IMCA dirt track circuit, we're required to wear full racing gear. Race Image is my top choice in finding an actual NASCAR fire suit. They're fun and they beat wearing the standard black that most dirt track racers wear!"


First off thank you for the sizing of the suit , gloves, and shoes. PERFECT FITS! And your service on shipping was incredible. My whole team, 5 guys, will be using your site. You should be hearing from them very soon as the all wanted to use my suit as a sizing reference.


Got the suit. Thanks for your help. It is in great shape and fits perfectly. No complaints there.

Unbelievable the difference in every way from the single-layer Pyrotect I have. Night and Day!!

Thanks again.


HI Dave

Just received my suit.

It fits and looks awesome.

Cheers mate

Anthony Fagan

Dear Dave,
Just wanted to let you know, we got the suit today, and it is fabulous......my husband has already posted pictures on facebook...lol
Christmas came early in our home! We will definately refer you to all our racing friends!
Have a Wonderful Holiday and Thanks again!

Dave, I wanted to send this message on to you:

As a first time customer I worked with the Dave directly and found the process to be quick and efficient, he made every effort to fine the product I wanted and went above and beyond. The order arrived the next day clean, well packaged and correct, thank you Dave.

Mr. Phillips thank you, you have my permission to use the statement above if you wish in the form, whether it be testimonial, advertising or to reproduce re issue the statement in part of in its entirety as you wish I would ask that you use only my first name and city of residence which is Merritt Island FL. I will recommend your site as widely as I can and will be returning for other items.


Hi Dave…

My name is Paul Friedman and I bought a Paul Menard driving suit and some pit crew shirts some weeks ago.

I just wanted to tell that everything was great, and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

And thank you for the telescopic magnet.

I know most of your stuff is Nascar, but I am a Porsche guy…so if anything comes your way along those lines, feel free to reach out!

Best wishes,

Paul Friedman

Mr. Phillips,

I purchased a fire suit from you last week, perhaps you recall the suit- it was the ridiculously bright orange Simpson one, and I received it today. As I always do when I get in new parts for the race car I immediately took it out of the box and put it on. This habit has garnered me a few strange looks from my wife, but she is getting used to it after 10 years. Have you ever seen a guy in 6-point harness pretending to be strapped in to his recliner for half-an-hour? She has.

The suit is in fantastic condition, and is exactly as you described on your website and over the phone. It was clean, had the tags on it and arrived as quickly as one could ask.

I really appreciate that you have found a way to bring less expensive safety gear to racers like me without compromising quality.

The suit fits perfectly, as if it had been tailored to my measurements. Thanks again! I look forward to shopping with you in the future.

Forrest King

Hi Dave!
Just wanted to let you know we received our racing suit yesterday and are very pleased. It fits my son perfectly! Thank you for your help with sizing and shipping it so quickly! We will definitely be ordering from you again when he is ready for his next one!
Thanks again,
Laura Gillespie


Suit fits perfectly.  Thank you. 

Hello Dave
I just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with my order. Thanks for great service 
Gordon Bone

Just received the suit. I love it. It's a perfect fit. Thank you so much. 

Just wanted to let you know I got my suit today, and I LOVE IT.  Fits like a glove.

 Thank you again!

  Raymond Bloom

Transportation Manager

 It’s so light! When I got the box I was like “it can’t be. Hahah. Thanks again. Can’t wait to drive in it. 


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