Racing Suits (Crew and Driver)

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to read our Measuring Guidelines at: How To Measure before you order.

This page offers a mix of crew and driver worn suits. The driver worn suits will be clearly described as "DRIVER WORN" in the description line. If you are looking specifically for Driver suits, go to the category "DRIVER WORN Suits"

Follow our How to Measure section closely at the top of the page. Once you have determined your sizes, you can simply SORT by Chest, Waist, or Inseam in the Sort Window at the top right corner of the page. 
Another option is to SEARCH by either Chest, Waist, or Inseam size. Simply put your desired size with a letter directly in front of it, into the Search window at the top of the page (c=Chest, w=Waist, i=Inseam) and hit Search. If looking for 36 Waist suits, type in w36.

We suggest oversizing the chest on the suit you select by 5 or 10% over your actual measurements for additional comfort and safety. You should select the waist size exactly as measured. If between sizes, choose next size up. DO NOT use your jean size.

FIA rated suits are accepted at almost all tracks that accept SFI-5 suits. There are no single layer FIA rated suits made for competition.
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